What's Included?

All the lessons, demonstrations, and recorded past student reviews to get you animating at a proficient level. Your technical questions can be answered in the course 'Discussion' button located on each lesson. I'll be there to reply to your Discussion question usually within hours. You'll also have access to the private community where you can share your work and receive written feedback from me.

  • 7-weeks of animation training

  • Lectures + Step-by-Step Demo's with real time commentary

  • Weekly Quizzes + Animation Challenges to Complete

  • Lifetime Access

  • Your questions answered via course Discussion

  • Taught by a working Lead Animator

  • Learn the industry standard software, Maya

  • No experience needed

  • Transform into a proficient 3D animator, ready to create your first demo reel

Monthly Payment Plans Available

What Makes This "PLUS"?

This isn't your normal self-study program. + PLUS + means you aren't alone. You have support through me and the community plus access to past reviews to watch other's mistakes to learn what to avoid in your own animation.

  • Access to the private student group for written feedback on work

  • Access past student review videos

  • Email access to me. You're not in this alone.

  • Weekly email accountability reminders

  • 1-year Maya student license

  • 1-year Digital Creator School course library access ($299 value)

  • Digital Certificate of Completion

Student Testimonial Video

Don't take my word for it, listen to these students

Your Instructor

Award-Winning Senior Animator

Instructor/Senior Animator Lucas Ridley


My name is Lucas and I'll be your instructor. I know where you're at. I've been there.

You want to make things, maybe even switch careers, and it feels like your goals are too far out of reach. That's why I create courses because I was where you are desperate for the right information. I'm now on the other side and create courses to build that bridge to where you want to go.

So far my courses have had over 60,000 students enroll. I've seen the transformations and heard the feedback on how much my courses help my students and provides the progress they've been trying to find.

In addition to teaching, I work in commercial, film, and video games as a senior animator on some of the biggest projects in the world. But I've not forgotten what it's like to be a beginner which allows me to reach you at the level you're at in my courses.

I can remember what it's like to be in your shoes so thanks for sharing your journey with me. I believe I can make it easier and more focused.

Best Wishes, Lucas

14 - Day Money Back Guarantee

Try the first two weeks risk-free

Try the course for the first 2 weeks and if you don't think it's a great fit just send me an email and you'll receive a full refund. That's how confident I am you'll find value in this course.

Student Testimonials

"I improved a lot"

by Mike M.

I improved a lot and I feel like at least my first passes on things are faster and farther along now. Even stuff I learned before makes more sense now and I think I've been able to better apply it all to my animation. The instruction throughout has also been great [which is] hard to find in this level of quality.

"...the process became more joyful."

Anna P.

Prior to starting the program I didn't have any idea of what does animation look like from the inside... On the final challenge something clicked and I my focus shifted from battling maya to really thinking about the mechanics, ideas and I the process became more joyful. I think it would take me months and a lot of self-discipline and effort to overcome this if I hadn't taken this course. Having methodical and structured approach, pace and achievable milestones created opportunity for this substantial change.

"Somehow You Didn't Lose That"

David E.

"I really like your videos, they're really professional and clean. I know, like a lot of other tutorials that I take it feels like they forgot what it's like to be a novice or someone who's new to something. And I don't know, somehow you didn't lose that."

"Your Videos Are Great."

Dale C.

"Your video [lessons] are great. I'm just like smiling through them all like finally someone that is like in my head."

"Highly recommend Lucas!"

Chris P.

I have taken many courses over my 31+ professional years, both in person and online, as well as teaching since ’94. I am always curious what other people have to say and how they teach as you can learn so much. Lucas just has it, plain and simple. He is so much wiser than his years. Highly recommend Lucas! Great job!

"This course..."

Laura A.

"This course is worth every Euro I pay, really." In a community post she recently shared: "This course is changing my observation skills!"

"Thank you!"

Lauren S.

"Loving the meme's and the depth of the course and advice! You really invested a lot into making this and thinking of the students. Thank you!"

"I've learned so much..."

Michael P.

I've learned so much, I think you have a different perspective of animation than I've seen before from a lot of people, and I think it's awesome.

Monthly Payment Plans Available