Course curriculum

  • 1

    First Time In Maya

  • 2

    Cell Division

  • 3


    • Chromosome Intro

    • Chromosomes File Download

    • Modeling A Chromatid

    • Make Tons Of Chromosomes

    • Create Chromosome Material

    • Lighting And Rendering

    • AE Composite

  • 4


    • Intro To DNA series

    • DNA File Download

    • Beginner DNA

    • Intro To Advanced DNA Structure

    • Creating First DNA Strands Group

    • Creating Second DNA Strands Group

    • Major And Minor Grooves

    • Create Base Pair Attachment Points

    • Create Joints And Parent

    • Aim Joints

    • MASH The Strands

    • MASH Base Pairs

    • Randomizing Base Pairs

    • Animating DNA

    • Lighting And Rendering

    • Compositing In AE

    • Depth Pass In AE

  • 5


    • What's This All About?

    • Bloodflow File Download

    • Modeling Red Blood Cell

    • Creating The Vein Field

    • Adjusting The Vein Field

    • Animate Heart Pump

    • Fix Particle Rotations And Collisions

    • White Blood Cells And Expressions

    • Red Blood Cell Material

    • Create The Vein

    • Vein Material

    • Create Cache

    • Lighting Preview Renders

    • Animate Camera

    • Render Settings

    • After Effects

    • Vein Animated Texture

  • 6

    Bonus: Heartshaped Bloodflow

    • Preparing The Scene

    • Creating An Animated Opening

    • Particle Stream Into Heart

    • Filling The Heart With Blood

    • Pumping The Heart

    • Lighting And Rendering

    • AE Composite Heart Pump

Student Testimonials

by Brandon J.

"This course is exactly what I was looking for! A project both fun and challenging. I definitely recommend this instructor and course!"

by Reza D.

"That was an awesome is exactly a course someone with a medical background and someone who loves medical anmitaion needs it. thanks again for your course"

by Susan P.

"Lucas is a good instructor. He is very thorough. I like the pace of the course."